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Vision, Mission, and Values

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World sustainable environment concept design.

Our Vision

The humility, tolerance, and passion for learning are nurtured and widely spread among PMC’s members. We have made endless efforts in applying international standards and hospitability suitable to Vietnamese culture. With an aim at bringing to our clients, partners, and PMC members pleasant moments and tranquillity. This is also to cover the part that the hustle and bustle of daily life have taken from each one of us.

Our Mission

We are going to be a leading company in maintaining professional ethics, values, and commitments that have been made with customers, partners, and PMC members.

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Our Values

PMC’s core values – our principles and behaviors in the working environment as well as the community are a firm foundation for the company’s success.

These values shape our corporate culture, enable us to attract high-calibre employees, and ensure that we provide a consistently high-quality level of service, as well as creative and effective business solutions to customers.

Integrity - is the highest regard for legal and ethical practices to perform our role with honesty, transparency, dedication, and sincerity in every belief, thought, and action that each PMC member brings to the community to maintain good life values.

Challenges - We use our experience, standard, and flexibility in approaching any type of real estate to create the appropriate strategies and cutting-edge solutions for helping customers achieve the best results.

Respect - is being considerate of people’s feelings; recognizing the value of people, property, the environment, and yourself. PMC is acutely aware that behind every fellow associate, customer, colleague is a man with values and differences. Therefore, under any circumstance, we honor their rights, beliefs and treat them with the highest degree of dignity, equality, and trust.

No compromise on quality - PMC pays due attention to details, fulfills commitments, and directs towards perfection in service quality. We always make every effort to become the client's first choice.

Life balance - PMC understands that the bustle and daily worries of modern life has taken away peaceful moments from every individual. Thus, we always make every effort to create PMC's moments, which can ease your burdens as well as help you have peace of mind. A balanced life that is harmonious with the environment is not only PMC’s value but has also become its ideal.

Humility - Humility reflects a spirit of inclusion and a willingness to leave the door open for continuous improvement. This is how PMC creates a culture of learning and an atmosphere that encourages each member to increase the ownership and responsibility. We hope that contentment and gratitude always are nurtured in PMC’s mind.

From the above values, we strive to build and maintain the following equations:

Empathy + Shared Values + Safety & Reliability = Trust over time

                                                                                                                          Satya Nadella (Microsoft CEO)

Respect + Compassion + Resilience + Dependent Origination = COVID – 20 Spirit