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Contractor Management

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Besides important roles in ensuring a safe and healthy environment, building services such as cleaning, security and pest control, etc. could enhance the building image, asset value as well as create satisfaction for tenants. From our deep understanding of international standards, PMC has developed tailor-made procedures to each project meeting the most demanding requirements of developers and tenants. Before undertaking any projects, our management team always makes surveys on the common and different features of each project to design suitable standards and procedures.

Cleaning Service: We have strong and experienced staff ensuring the professional establishment and maintenance of cleaning schedules for each area. Personnel allocation, tool control, and chemical management are internationally standardized in order to bring a fresh and clean environment to buildings.

Security Service: An extensive experience in the contract security industry has given us the resources and capability to create highly customized building security services. At PMC, every client is given a personal attention throughout the process of assessment, design, and implementation of security plans.

Depending on the character of each project, it may need a comprehensive building security plan, require regular nighttime patrols or focus on controlling building access. Therefore, we customize every part of our building security services to meet the unique challenges of clients and ensure safety for people and assets in any circumstances.

Pest Control Service: PMC’s goal is to help you enjoy a pest-free environment where your investment, your health, and your working space are protected. We are aware of how something as small as termites can bring so much trouble. That is the reason why we not only eliminate the pests but also control them and actually prevent them from ever coming back.

Pests also carry germs and bacteria that can bring about diseases. We offer a service with the most knowledgeable staff, effective and environmentally friendly products, and state of the art equipment.

Landscape Maintenance: Our design team is dedicated to the making of modern, efficient, and spatially integral landscapes. With a manner that the landscape is appropriate to regional climates, geographies, cultures and clients, we still ensure the ecology and aesthetics for the building.

Our task focuses on creating landscapes that are sensitive to the subtleties of place whether they are manmade or natural; to the varied circumstances of clients; to the character of new and old contexts; to the detailed use of materials and to the means of construction.