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A well-maintained lift is reliable and its smooth operation adds convenience to residents.

To ensure the elevator's operation, The Board of Management/ Property Management Company should  be responsible for arranging the registered lift contractors to carry out the following tasks:

  • Inspect, clean, oil and adjust the lift once a month;
  • Test and examine safety equipment once a year;
  • Test the full load, overload device and the brake once every 5 years.

In general, registered lift contractors provide maintenance services on contract terms. To facilitate the maintenance, management staff of the building should assist the contractor in ensuring that the lifts meet safety standards –

  • Coordinate with the elevator contractor in maintenance process.
  • Put warning signs for residents in maintenance process.
  • Keep related documents as archives

To ensure a smooth operation of elevator, Department of Operation and Maintenance should strictly comply with technical standards and risk management schedules. Report any accidents immediately in writing to the Director of Electrical and Mechanical Services, registered lift contractor and the insurance company.