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Most shopping centers are strategically located in key areas; therefore, the property management has a direct impact on its business performance. By developing and optimizing trade promotion programs for the project, tenants will benefit from our management services. Our differentiation is that the tenant and owner can regularly receive operating expense forecast reports enabling them to plan their cash flow and budgets in advance.

Professional Property Management that Delivers Great Return on Investment and A Great Shopping Experience

For the owner, PMC’s services will maximize asset value by attracting and retaining tenants, reducing operating costs, and minimizing expenses.

Therefore, we focus on three main goals as follows:

  • Increasing revenue ― by reviewing performance against the market and continuously developing tenant improvement programs
  • Controlling expenses ― by carefully planning capital expenditures, streamlining rent collection and payment, and implementing preventive maintenance schedules and green building practices.
  • Assuring quality ― by engaging in actions that preserve asset value as well as recruiting and training highly competent staff.

Besides, PMC also strives to create a relaxing, favorable, and comfortable space for shoppers.

In Vietnamese market, we offer flexible management solutions with value added programs for retail owners. Understanding that, each type of property has different requirements; PMC always customizes its services to meet customer’s expectations.