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Facility Management

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Our primary objectives in facility management are reducing costs, standardizing operations and improving the quality of facilities related services for our clients.

With a deep experience in technical operation and maintenance, PMC provides a range of services for properties such as residential buildings, commercial buildings, shopping centers, hospitals, schools and other small systems.

Our technical specialists will develop a strategic maintenance and operations plan to match the client's business objectives. The program may comprise:

  • Establishment, management and compliance of maintenance contracts
  • Contractor review and management
  • Asset register establishment and/or updating
  • Property risk assessments
  • Property operation management and reporting
  • Energy management & reporting
  • Water consumption management
  • Fit-out liaison
  • Financial Management
  • Provision of minor ad hoc technical services
  • Project management of capital and non-routine maintenance works.

Moreover, we can manage maintenance contractors to cover building system and other building services. Where necessary PMC will prepare tender documentation, call of tenders, evaluate and report on tenders, make recommendations and manage the successful contractor. Contractor’s performances are tracked and reviewed periodically to ensure that good service levels are maintained at all times.