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Electrical Equipment

Electrical Installation

The repair and maintenance of electricity supply system should be undertaken by electrical contractors/workers of Board of Management/Property management company.

Residents should ensure that the power loading does not exceed the maximum loading approved by the electricity supply company.

Periodic test of electrical equipment

Owners of an electrical installation include those in possession or control of such installation and those who occupy premises in which an electrical installation is located. Owners include owners of the premises, owners' corporations, property management companies, tenants and occupiers of the premises.

The Ordinance provides that an owner of an electrical installation of the building which has an approved loading exceeding 100A shall have the installation inspected, tested and certified once every 5 years.

Those who contravene the laws will be prosecuted. Occupiers may be in danger if fire and electrical faults are caused.

Procedures for Periodic Electrical Testing

To ensure the absolute safety of building, periodic electrical testing must comply with major principles:

  • The electrical contractor employed to test the electrical installations must be reputable.
  • After inspection, electrical contractor must issue a 'Periodic Test Certificate' for the electrical installations within limited time.

Board of Management/Management Company will store 'Periodic Test Certificate' for inspection when required by local authority.