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Having an in-depth experienced technical staff, PMC is confident to introduce to customers the 24/7 service – timely respond to customers' requirements. With this service, our technicians will help you immediately handle incidents of building system such as lighting system, HVAC, water supply and drainage system, etc.

Our target customers are the owners of small project which does not have their own management units or individual customers. Serving these target customers, PMC will supply the following services:

Our services of repair and maintenance

Repair and maintenance of electrical system

Reliable electrical systems are essential to the efficient operation of your building. Regular maintenance, inspection and testing will improve overall performance and value of your property.

PMC can help you maintain your electrical system at peak performance. Our field service technicians and engineers have extensive experience with many different types of electrical systems. We will maintain your electrical system in top operating condition by performing all necessary inspections, tests, cleaning, and calibration. Our rapid response team is trained to diagnose and fix any emergency you may have. Electrical system maintenance checklist are as follows:

-  Low voltage room -  Electrical substation -  Generation set -  MSB -  MDB -  Lightning protection system -  Internal/external lighting system -  Power capacitor -  Power motors

Repair and maintenance of interior equipments, building fabric, civil works and carpentry works

We are a full service company that can take care of all your property's needs! With an experienced team of technicians we are confident to meet a variety of project requirements including architectural works, joinery, carpentry works...

HVAC system

With thorough knowledge of varied aspects of the building system, we have been able to provide commendable HVAC System Maintenance Service. These services include various stages like testing, repairing (if necessary) and periodic maintenance of air conditioners. All our services aims at making the HVAC systems give optimum perform while using in all condition.

Water supply and drainage system

We will deal with the nuisances of water supply and drainage system such as: drainage congestion, pipe break, water leakage... to minimize risks of building operation. Our target is to keep you peace in mind.

Kitchen equipments and household appliances

Our repair and planned maintenance service help to keep your kitchen equipment and household appliances up and running - preventing downtime and reducing or eliminating costly repairs, while extending the life and improving overall energy efficiency.