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Fire safety

Because of the dense population and the lack of consciousness of residents, there are high fire hazards in apartment building. To safeguard the lives and property of one's family, everyone in the community should be heedful of fire prevention.

Recent apartment building must be equipped common fire safety equipment as follows:

  • Fire alarm system: manual fire alarm, fire speaker, etc.
  • Fire hose reel
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Sprinkler
  • Emergency lighting system
  • Means of escape

Effective fire safety measures depend very much on proper building management. As such, management staff of a building are required to discharge the following routine duties:

  • To check the fire service installations and equipment regularly and carry out repairs once damage is found;
  • To check and inspect the electrical installations in the building regularly;
  • To check whether any alteration on fire resisting construction, such as opening a hole on or fixing a door to the wall, has been made. If so, professional advice should be sought;
  • To check whether the smoke lobby doors are kept close at all times and the means of escape are clear of obstruction; and
  • To organize fire safety seminars and fire drills regularly.