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Gas System

Gas system operation must be complied strictly safety standards and explosion prevetion. Therefore, Management Company should pay attention to th following principles:

  • The gas supply system in the building (including service risers) should be checked periodically by the gas supply company.
  • Gas installations should be inspected at least once 12 months.
  • Do not store excessive stock of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) cylinders.
  • Notify the supply company to recall the LPG cylinders found in public area.
  • Do not light a fire or switch on any electrical appliances (including the doorbell and the telephone) when there is a leakage of town gas or LPG. Open all the doors and windows and switch off the main gas supply. Use the telephone of your neighbour and call the police for help.
  • The use of flueless gas water heater is prohibited

For further details in gas installation standards, please call hotline 0904 615 855 to be consulted by PMC.