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PMC’s Differentiation

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In the current context of difficult and highly competitive economy, PMC is aware that only by providing distinguished services can PMC survive, develop, and leave a good impression on customers. Particularly, for condominium buildings, PMC’s distinction lies in value-added services, through which PMC and developers will create a convenient home where customers can find peace in mind in the hustle and bustle of the modern life.

Condominium Management Service

Currently, most Vietnamese property management companies only offer a typical model of management service, which includes services on management and operation, personnel, and management standards, to projects and developers. PMC is an exception. Instead of providing key personnel, PMC provides an entire apparatus of management, including building managers, chief engineers, technicians, receptionists, supervisors (for subcontractors), and so on, which helps developers reduce their amount of responsibility as well as risks in management.

Before undertaking any projects, PMC tries to put ourselves in different positions to empathize, realize and develop ideas of developers in each project. By approaching projects from the stage of developers’ devising design ideas, PMC attempts to connect those ideas and thereby outline strategies to promote the image of the buildings as well as enhance the values of the projects as well as developers.

In condominium management, PMC pays attention to not only its developers but also its residents and Board of Management. In fact, it is the residents of a condominium that are its real owners. Therefore, PMC expects that, all residents of a condominium will be actively involved in the management and decision of its any major policies through the Board of Management, which helps create true human values for its resident community as well as a distinct cultural identity and enhance the property value.


Despite the fact that residents are developers’ customers and real owners of a condominium, they have not yet enjoyed adequate services. Due to their unfamiliarity with living in a condominium, most residents do not understand such matters in condominium management as what it includes, how it works, standards, and so on, which is likely to result in misunderstandings and disputes in the management. Therefore, PMC focuses on the dissemination of  management issues and management standards to residents.

PMC provides advice and support to residents when participating in the Board of Management, making decisions on major issues of the building, and simultaneously raising their awareness of their involvement in condominium management and development to improve the living quality as well as property value.


The mission of a property management company is to provide excellent services to leave good impressions of the brand of the building and its developers on its residents and visitors.

When starting any project, each developer always desires to convey their ideas and messages to the public. As a management company, PMC has been striving to create identities for each project and convey subtle and humanistic ideas of developers of a condominium to its residents as well as the whole society, thanks to which the image of the building has been highly appreciated by the public.

PMC assures to convey the building's genuine information to the public to maintain and increase property's value in community.


PMC is the agent of such services for residents as property management, authorization of property management... In fact, some investors buy apartments for the purpose for leasing. With PMC's supports, these investors have more chances to lease their assets. The increased opportunities for rent of the project will not only help increase property values, but also promote investors’ sales of following projects.

Human Resources

In building management, human resources play an important role. This is one of the key factors to ensure and enhance the management's quality. Currently, many property management companies only provide building managers and chief engineers for each project whereas PMC provides an entire apparatus of personnel.

PMC’s staff includes engineers, technicians and service supervisors in buildings under PMC’s management. Those buildings are also centers for training and retraining personnel for new projects. Therefore, PMC's staff has both professionalism and abundant experience to create a consistency in our apartment operation and management services.

Service Contractor Management

Service contractor’s staff of cleaning, security, and pest control are mostly unskilled workers who have limited professionalism and discipline. With its management experience and understanding of contractors, PMC provides management solutions and procedures to each contractor to minimize weaknesses of local human resources. The application of management standards and procedures as well as the focus on insurance policy also helps PMC professionalize human resource management and reduce the burden for developers.

Research and Development

As regards building apartments, especially luxurious building projects, PMC pays particular attention to serviced apartment management. PMC’s management services are not only intended for residents but also tenants. PMC has continuously researched to create value-added services such as room service, laundry, etc. to meet residents’ needs.

Finance Management

PMC always has methods and tools to manage the budget for each project. By applying modern standards and models of international finance to Vietnamese market, PMC has been maintaining balances in budget and expenditure. Transparency in financial matters is also one of the prominent advantages of PMC compared to other property management companies.