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Financial Management

One of the problems leading to most current conflicts and complaints inVietnam’s condominiums is management fees.

The resolution No.08/2008 of the Ministry of Construction on the management of condominium use claims that management fees are to be agreed between the owners and the Management Committee. In fact, these fees are often imposed by the developer. In addition, Housing Law does not specify a ceiling fee, which results in conflicts because residents may suspect that the investor charge unreasonable fees. The use of those fees is also unclear, which annoys residents in the condominium.

As an experienced company in property management with its integrity as a core value, PMC understands that financial management plays an important role in building management. The transparency in management fees facilitates the utilization of resources and enhances the management of the building as well as minimizes conflicts and disagreements between the developer and residents in the building. Besides, a professional and transparent procedure of financial management helps minimizing financial risks and corruption.

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